What classifications work in civilian positions?
  • Accounting Assistants Entry/Journey
  • Accounting Assistant Senior
  • Accountant I/II
  • Accountant Senior
  • Accountant Supervising
  • Administrative Clerk Entry/Journey
  • Administrative Clerk Senior
  • Administrative Legal Clerk Entry/Journey (Click HERE for brochure)
  • Administrative Legal Clerk Senior
  • Administrative Legal Supervisor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Administrative and Fiscal Officer I/II
  • Administrative Technician
  • Building Crafts Mechanic
  • Building Crafts Mechanic Supervising
  • Community Services Officer I/II
  • Correctional Officer I/II
  • Corrections Support Program Manager
  • Crime Analyst I/II
  • Crime Analyst Senior
  • Dispatch Services Manager
  • Dispatch Services Supervisor
  • Equipment Service Worker I/II - YouTube video 'Building a Chevy Tahoe Patrol Car'
  • Evidence Technician I/II
  • Executive Assistant
  • Information Technology Analyst I/II
  • Information Technology Analyst Senior
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Information Technology Supervisor
  • Information Technology Technician
  • Investigative Assistant
  • Public Information Assistant
  • Public Safety Dispatcher I/II
  • Public Safety Dispatcher Supervising
  • Staff Services Analyst I/II

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1. What is the application process for civilian positions within the Placer County Sheriff’s Office?
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5. What classifications work in civilian positions?
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