What if applications are not currently being accepted for Correctional Officer?

If our Agency is not currently accepting applications, you can submit an interest card for the position(s) you are seeking and the County’s Online job-application service (called JOBS) will electronically email a notification when the an application can be submitted. Interest cards stay on file for up to 12 months. To submit an interest card, sign up for  “Notify me of New Job Openings”. Follow the instructions on submitting your interest. You can check any Job Group you are interested in. Please note Correctional Officer Positions are listed under “Public Safety/Law Enforcement”.

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1. What are the minimum requirements to be a Correctional Officer with Placer County?
2. What are the selection standards for a Correctional Officer?
3. What are the typical duties of a Correctional Officer?
4. I currently work as a Correctional Officer for another agency and am interested in applying to Placer County Sheriff’s Office, what is the application process?
5. What is the application process for Correctional Officer?
6. What if applications are not currently being accepted for Correctional Officer?
7. What is the testing process for Correctional Officer?
8. I’ve taken a correctional officer written test in the past and have a score; can I have it applied to the Placer County written exam?
9. Is there a physical agility exam for Correctional Officer? What does it consist of?
10. What is the selection process for a Correctional Officer?
11. Where can I be assigned to work as a Correctional Officer?
12. What training is provided to Placer County Correctional Officers?
13. What kind of special assignments/teams are there for a Correctional Officer?