What is the selection process for a Correctional Officer?

Selected candidates who are certified to the Sheriff’s Office may be scheduled for a series of Agency Panel Oral Interviews. Candidates selected from the outcome of the panel interviews will then meet with the Corrections Commander for a final determination. Our Agency is looking for exceptional candidates and will accept nothing less than your best in an interview. To ensure your success, you may want to utilize all available tools to prepare. In addition to learning about our Agency and getting to know some of our Correctional Officers, you can find helpful information on how to prepare for an interview in the adult corrections field on the California Department Corrections and Rehabilitation’s website  under their Career Opportunities and Exams information. 

Furthermore, although geared towards a deputy sheriff career, the P.O.S.T.  website has some useful tips on interviewing as well. Candidates that pass the Agency Interview will be required to complete a P.O.S.T. Personal History Statement and will be subject to a background investigation using P.O.S.T.  guidelines. Upon receipt and review of the background report, a conditional offer of employment may be made, and the final candidates must then pass a Pre-Employment psychological and medical standards exam.

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10. What is the selection process for a Correctional Officer?
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