What training is provided to Placer County Correctional Officers?

All new correctional officers attend an 80-hour corrections academy administered by our Jail Training Officers prior to beginning the mandated Jail Training Program. During this initial training, new officers will learn basic procedural and legal aspects for working in a custodial setting, and physical skills and methods of controlling inmates in a confined setting. Once completed, officers are placed in the Jail Training Program intended to introduce new officers to our Agency’s policy and procedures, BSCC Title 15 regulations, and the full responsibilities of a corrections officer position. All officers must be able to complete this training with satisfactory reviews, demonstrating sufficient skill, competency, and understanding of their role within the corrections facility. 

As required by BSCC, all new officers to the Adult Corrections facilities will attend a 179 hour BSCC Adults Corrections Standard CORE Training (STC) course within the initial twelve months of hire, or demonstrate prior completion through another agency. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office provides all correctional officers a minimum of 56 hours of annual training, more than the mandated STC requirements, with an additional wide variety of voluntary training and development opportunities.

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