What training is provided to Sheriff’s Office Deputies?

All new officers will go through a jail training program consisting of eight weeks of basic jail functions, policies and procedures. Once completed, each officer will be then be required to complete a field training program consisting of the basics of patrol policies and procedures, full duties and responsibilities as a patrol deputy. Our Agency provides over 80 hours of accredited Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) Annual Officer Training to all our officers. Topics include legal updates, tactical scenarios, ongoing firearms qualifications, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations and much more.

In addition, a wide variety of additional voluntary employee training and development opportunities are available upon request. Our Agency training consistently exceeds California POST requirements. We are committed to the proper training of our staff to ensure the best possible officer safety and service to our citizens.

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1. What are the minimum requirements to be a Deputy Sheriff with Placer County?
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14. What training is provided to Sheriff’s Office Deputies?
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