Where can I be assigned to work as a Deputy Sheriff?

Our deputies can work a variety of assignments from Administration, Corrections, Courts, Investigations, Community Services, or Patrol. We have Corrections Facilities and County Courtrooms located throughout the county.

Corrections Facilities (Jail) 

2775 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA

South Placer
11801 Go for Broke
Roseville, CA

Court Security Operations 

Auburn Courts (Historical Courthouse)
101 Maple Street
Auburn, CA

South Placer Courts (Santucci Center)
10820 Justice Center Drive
Roseville, CA

Patrol Operations

Auburn Main Office
2995 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA

Colfax Substation
10 Culver Street
Colfax, CA

Foresthill Substation
24580 Main Street
Foresthill, CA

North Lake Tahoe Substation
2501 N Lake Boulevard
Tahoe City, CA

South Placer (Loomis) Substation
6140 Horseshoe Bar Road
Suite D
Loomis, CA

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