What kind of special assignments/teams are there for a Deputy Sheriff?

Our officers have the opportunity to be involved in many different special assignments and teams during their career with us. Opportunities are available within assigned Unit performing special tasks during your regular responsibilities, but also being part of a special on-call team as emergencies and/or events occur. A wide variety of special assignments provides for an exciting and well-rounded career in law enforcement, and our Agency highly promotes the opportunities our special assignments and teams offer. Contact the Sheriff's Office for more information.


  • Air Support
  • Armory/Range Master
  • Bike Unit
  • Civil Unit
  • Custody/Corrections
  • Court Security/Bailiff
  • Critical Accident Response Team
  • Dive Team
  • Explosive Ordinance Detail/ Bomb Unit
  • Coroners Unit
  • Homeless Liaison Officer
  • Honor Guard
  • Hostage Negotiations Team
  • Marine Patrol
  • Mounted Unit
  • Off Highway Vehicle Team
  • Patrol
  • Problem Oriented Policing
  • Professional Standards Unit
  • Resident Deputy Assignment
  • Search and Rescue
  • Special Enforcement Team
  • Special Investigation Unit
  • Special Operations Unit
  • School Resource Officer
  • Training Instructor
  • Transportation

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