What pay incentives are available to a Deputy Sheriff?

Some of the following pay incentives are negotiated items between the County and the Deputy Sheriff Association. These incentives can change with contract amendments.

  • $1,065 to $1,215 yearly uniform allowance, depending on assignment
  • Additional pay incentive if assigned to swing or graveyard shifts
  • Additional pay incentive for completion of education and career advancement learning, such as:
    • P.O.S.T. Intermediate and/or Advance Certificates
    • P.O.S.T. Advance Certificate
    • AA, BA, and/or Master’s Degree
  • Additional pay incentive Bilingual language depending on assignment and qualifying exam
  • Additional pay incentive for Special Assignments or Teams (if assigned), such as:
    • Canine pay - $225 per month for a county owned canine/ $275 per month for an employee owned canine
    • Certified diver - $130 per month
    • Explosive ordinance detail/ bomb - $130 per month
    • Field Training Officer - 5% of the base hourly rate on hours of training
    • Hostage Negotiations Team - $130 per month
    • Special Enforcement Team - $130 per month
    • Tahoe Branch Assignment Premium - $675 per month
    • Undercover - 5% of the base hourly rate on hours worked
    • Stand-by pay - depending on assignment
  • Longevity pay - 5% after 5 years at top step or 10 years of County service. And, an additional 5% at 20 years of service
  • One hour on-duty paid workout, depending on assignment
  • Take home patrol car, depending on assignment and county of residence

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