What is Sheriff Council?

Visit the Sheriff's Council website for more information.

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1. I have a question on a reported case. How do I find out the status?
2. I received a traffic violation in Placer County I would like to attend traffic school rather than paying the fine. I am not sure how I need to go about doing this.
3. Do I need to go to the South Placer Jail (Roseville) if I would like to use on-site video visitation kiosks?
4. Can a court date be rescheduled?
5. How can I file a restraining order?
6. Who do I call to pick up a wild animal?
7. What are the regulations on shooting in Placer County?
8. Do you dispose of old guns or flares?
9. How do I go about finding job information?
10. How can I get a Concealed Weapons Permit?
11. How do I get Vehicle Release Information?
12. How do I find Megan's Law Information?
13. What happens to unclaimed property?
14. What is Sheriff Council?
15. Can I make a 911 call from a cell phone to Placer County Sheriff?