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Colfax Library


  1. Air Conditioned
  2. Internet Workstations
  3. Photocopier
  4. WiFi


  •  3 Internet workstations (with Microsoft Office: Word and Excel)
  •  Ongoing book sale in library during open hours.
  •  Photocopier
  •  Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Air conditioned building

 For more information, see Library Services.

About the Library

 Colfax Library radiates ambience and charm while offering the modern features of a city library. Situated in the historic railroad town of Colfax, the library features comfortable reading areas for adults, children, and teens. The Juvenile section is a wonderland with a large stained glass window creating a magical place to read to your children.
 Librarian: Janice Christen-Whitney

History of Colfax Library

 Colfax Library is believed to have been started by a group of volunteer women in 1938. The first known library was housed in a small building next to the home of Mrs. Viscia, which was located on Grass Valley Street. In 1943, the library was moved to the old bakery building at the North end of Main Street. 

The library moved again in 1946 to a small building next door to Kaufmann's Gas Station and Garage. The library remained there until 1951 when it moved next door into the former telephone company building. The library stayed in this building for twenty years, and then in 1971 it moved to the Justice Building on the corner of Culver Street. Finally in 1976, the library made its final move to the old Colfax Post Office building at the corner of Church and Main. 

With much help from the Friends of the Colfax Library, an expansion project was completed in 2010. The building encompasses 3600 square feet.