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Foresthill Library


  1. Air Conditioned
  2. Internet Workstations
  3. Photocopier
  4. WiFi
  • 5 Internet workstations (with Microsoft Office: Word and Excel)
  • Community Meeting Room
  • Photocopier with scanning and faxing
  • Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Air conditioned building
  • Closed for lunch daily from 1-2 pm

For more information, see Library Services.

About the Library

 Foresthill Library is an active rural library. Reading places, a great kids section, a Book Sale Room and a community meeting room are part of the warm atmosphere.

History of Foresthill Library

 The first public library was introduced to Foresthill in 1935 by Matthew Langstaff, Sr. and was operated in conjunction with the Foresthill Telephone Office. It was originally located in the corner of the McKinley building. At first there were never more than five shelves of books, which were exchanged with Auburn every four to five months. 

Around 1940, the library and telephone office moved to a building across and further up Main street, but only remained there for a short period of time. The library was then moved into Doctor Kerin's office. It remained there until 1960 when it moved to a building owned by Cliff Hills at the intersection of Main and California Streets. 

The library only remained there for one year and moved to the rear of the Mischke Building where it stayed until 1966. Then in August of 1966, the library was moved to a building on the corner of Main and California streets which was almost opposite from its 1960 location. Finally in 1980 the library was moved to the community center building on Main Street. The Foresthill Library is 1,995 square feet.


  1. Foresthill Library Meeting Room

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