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Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall

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Insurance Information (PDF)

Foresthill Rules & Regulations REV 2019 (PDF)

Memorial Hall Rules and Regulations

Memorial Hall Deposit Understanding

Hall Questionnaire (PDF)


  1. Chairs
  2. Kitchen Facilities
  3. Large BBQ Area
  4. Tables

About the Hall

This building is considered by many local residents to be the heart of the Foresthill community. The building is used for many veterans, county, community and family events and celebrations. The building is one block north of the Foresthill main business strip and is on the same grounds as the Foresthill Park and the Forest Hill Divide Museum. Portions of the Hall may be rented on a space-available basis.

Fees & Use

Rental rates:

  • Fundraiser, entire hall: $150
  • Main hall, kitchen and side room: $200
  • Main hall only: $100
  • Small room and kitchen: $100
  • Kitchen only: $50
  • Small room (no kitchen): $50
  • Security and cleaning deposit: Double the amount of the rental fee, except for fund-raisers. For fund-raisers, the deposit is $150.

Hall Capacity
Main Hall:

  • Maximum - 397
  • Seated - 284
  • Banquet - 132

Small Room:

  • Maximum - 131
  • Seated - 94
  • Banquet - 43

Reservation Information

If you are interested in renting this building, please submit a Memorial Hall Questionnaire and any questions via email to the Hall Coordinator, or call at 530-367-3640. You may view the Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall Calendar for available dates. This calendar is for reference only. The Hall Coordinator arranges all use of the facility and can provide the most current availability information.

Hall Board Agenda

Browse through agendas for the Hall Board meetings.


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