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Penryn Library


  1. Internet Workstations
  2. Photocopier
  3. WiFi

*** Currently Closed ***



Computers & Technology 

  • WiFi throughout the building and parking lot
  • 2 Internet & Microsoft Office workstations
  • Air-conditioned building
  • 1 photocopier and 1 printer

Spaces & Equipment

  • Friends of the Library bookshelf
  • Small parking lot


  • Accepts cash or personal check to pay fines and fees.

About the Penryn Library

The Penryn Library offers a welcoming atmosphere and a family friendly environment with a table for adults and one for children, along with two computer workstations. There is a diverse collection of reading and movies for adults, teens and children. The Friends of the Penryn Library also has a bookshelf of books for sale. 

History of the Penryn Library

Leona Leeks, a Penryn resident, convinced Placer County that a library branch was needed in Penryn. She told county authorities that if they would help her she would run the library without pay. Mr. Arthur Flint donated space in his grocery store to house it. Ollie May Hayes helped to run the library. In 1923, Mr. Flint contracted with Mr. Tudsbury to build an addition on the Griffith Building. About a year later, a salary was paid.

A short time before 1956, the books were moved to a small corner in what is currently the Post Office. The library shared the nine by ten foot space with an old wooden telephone booth, and the Penryn Telephone Company. In 1963, the Post Office moved to its current location in the Masonic Building, which allowed the library to occupy the whole room on the Southwest corner of the building.

The library is housed in a historic California building. The building was remodeled, and after a year of being closed, it reopened on May 7, 1994. The library was updated in 2012, and then again in 2014.