What are my food labeling requirements?

All cottage food products must be properly labeled in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. Sec.343 et. seq... The label shall include:

  • The words "Made in a Home Kitchen" in 12-point font type.
  • The name commonly used for the food product.
  • The registration or permit number of the CFO (we will supply you these numbers after we process your application and all requirements have been completed) and the name of the local health department that issued the number.
  • Product ingredients in descending order by weight.
  • Net quantity (count, weight, or volume) of the product in both English units (pounds, ounces, etc.) and Metric units (kilograms, grams, etc.)
  • A declaration of any of the eight major food allergens present in the product. (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish,)

Cottage foods sold in a permitted food facility without packaging or labeling shall be identified to the customer as homemade on the menu, menu board(s), or another easily visible location. An example of a product label can be seen on page 1 of the CFO Permit Application. 

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