What is a community event?

“Community Event” is defined as an event that is civic, political, public or educational in nature (Cal Code113755). It includes: state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses and other public gathering events.

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1. What is a community event?
2. What is an Event Organizer/Coordinator and when are they required?
3. What are the responsibilities of the Event Organizer?
4. Do food vendors need a permit to sell or give away food?
5. Where may a food vendor setup to sell or give away food/drink?
6. Is a food vendor considered a food facility?
7. Why is a health permit required?
8. My food is prepackaged. Do I still need a permit?
9. I am only selling or giving away drinks. Do I still need a permit?
10. Can I prepare food at my home for sale/distribution from a temporary food facility?
11. Do I need a permit if I’m a non-profit organization?
12. Do I need a permit to have a private party?
13. Do church potlucks or private club dinners need a permit?
14. How long is the permit valid?
15. I already have a permit for my restaurant in Placer County. Does that permit me to participate in temporary events?
16. Are other fee reductions available?
17. When do I need to submit my application?
18. Is there a printable version of this FAQ?