Why did Placer County demolish the Senior Center?

The Placer County Board of Supervisors in December 2020 approved the demolition of certain buildings at the Placer County Government Center, including those buildings previously occupied by the Senior Center, which was consistent with the PCGC  Master Plan Update.  

The sites previously occupied by these outdated buildings are in the mixed-use district. The area is now designated for greater flexibility for planned uses, including a mixture of potential multi-family residential uses and commercial office uses.

At the time of the Placer County Government Center Master Plan Update planning and study, the Senior Center had been vacated. Most of the buildings that had been occupied by the Senior Center were over 78 years oldThese outdated buildings can be unsafe to occupy and/or costly to maintain or repair.  

These buildings have unreinforced brick walls, outdated electrical, heating, ventilation, roofing systems, non-insulated walls, roof, windows, ADA issues and more.

The adjoining Burback Hall was surrounded by these outdated buildings was 30+/- years old , however Placer County Building Maintenance rated it as a C/D rating on a scale of A-D with D being the worst building condition.

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1. Why did Placer County demolish the Senior Center?
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