What can I expect when I visit the Child Support Services Department?

The process to obtain child support begins with opening a child support case, and your help and cooperation are required. A caseworker will ask for information about you, your children, and the other parent. The more information the caseworker has, the faster a child support order can be obtained.

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1. What is an obligor/obligee?
2. I am an obligor. If I lose my job, do I still have to pay child support?
3. I am an obligor, but my child lives with me now. Can I change the child support order?
4. My ex-spouse has remarried and has another family to support. How does this affect the support owed to our children?
5. I am an obligor. What should I do when I get the Summons and Complaint?
6. What if an obligor ignores or forgets about the Summons and Complaint?
7. If I respond to the court, will I have a chance to talk to the judge?
8. How will the court decide how much child support I have to pay as an obligor?
9. How will my employer know how much money to take out of my paycheck to pay my child support?
10. Is there any way to avoid having to go to court?
11. What else is in a stipulation?
12. The obligor has group health insurance available at work. Must the children be covered by that insurance?
13. Sometimes the other parent gives me money. If it goes through the child support office, they keep some of the money. Won't I get more if I just let the other parent pay me when they can?
14. Can I still open a child support case even if the other parent has been gone for a long time?
15. Is my child support case open to the public?
16. What can I expect when I visit the Child Support Services Department?
17. What will happen to my case if I move?
18. What can I do if I am a victim of family violence?
19. Can I get child support if I'm not sure who the father of my child is?
20. The man doesn't have any money or even a job to support my child. Why should I bother proving that he is the father?
21. Can paternity be established for my child if the father lives in another state?
22. What happens when the obligor has money to pay child support but still won't pay?
23. What should I do if the obligor moves away?
24. I have a California support order and the other parent lives in another state. I asked the other state to help me collect support, but the judge lowered the child support amount. Is that legal?
25. May I look at the payment records?
26. The obligor is in jail. Can I still get support?
27. I am receiving CalWORKs. How is child support distributed?
28. If the Child Support Services Department cannot find the obligor, can I still get CalWORKs or Medi-Cal benefits?
29. I received CalWORKs in the past, but not now. How is child support distributed?
30. Do you offer workshops or assistance to fathers and mothers?
31. Can you assist with child care, counseling, or parenting classes?