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1. What do I do about abandoned vehicles?
2. What is the Adult Literacy Program?
3. How can I find more information about agricultural matter?
4. Where do I find information about air pollution matter?
5. How do I arrange animal removal?
6. Can you provide information about the Assigned Counsel Program?
7. How do I get a birth/death certificate?
8. Do I need a building plan third-party review?
9. How do I rent County buildings?
10. Where can I find information about residential burning?
11. What is the bus schedule?
12. How can I get a business fictitious name statement?
13. How do I view a calendar of events?
14. Who is in the U.S. House of Representatives?
15. Who are the U.S. Senate members for California?
16. Who are the California Assembly Members?
17. How can I find information about the California State Senator?
18. How do I find information about Child Protective Services?
19. What are the cities and towns in Placer County?
20. How do I report code compliance issues?
21. When was the County's 150th Anniversary?
22. Where can I find county acronyms?
23. What is the County Archives and Research Center?
24. Where can I view the County budget?
25. How do I view the County Code?
26. How do I apply for County employment?
27. What are the County holidays?
28. Where can I read County news releases?
29. How do I submit County vendor registration?
30. What is dispute resolution?
31. How do I access divorce decrees?
32. How can I prepare/plan for emergencies?
33. Is there a film office in Placer County?
34. Where are the fire agencies?
35. How can I find information about the Flood Control District?
36. Where are the garbage disposal sites?
37. Where is Gold Country Fairgrounds?
38. How do I access grand jury reports?
39. I want to find information about health issues, where do I look?
40. Who do I contact about housing issues?
41. Where can I find information for seniors?
42. Is in-home help for seniors available?
43. What is in-home supportive services?
44. How do I find information on jury duty?
45. What is done about mosquito problems?
46. How do I get my name changed?
47. What is the noise ordinance?
48. Where do I dispose of old tires?
49. How do I get a passport?
50. Where are the Placer County Fairgrounds?
51. What is the Placer County government mission?
52. What is the Placer County Government vision?
53. Where is the Placer County Public Information Office located?
54. What are the Placer County Superior Courts?
55. How do I learn about probation?
56. How do I register to vote?
57. How do I report a crime online?
58. How do I report child/adult abuse?
59. What do I need to do to file a restraining order?
60. Where can I find more information on revenue sharing?
61. How do i sell goods or services to the County?
62. Where can I find information about Sudden Oak Death disease?
63. How do i get a temporary restraining order?
64. How do I find more information on traffic tickets?
65. Web en español?
66. Are web pages available in Spanish?