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Board of Supervisors

  1. Revenue Sharing Fund Application

    The Placer County Board of Supervisors has actively promoted revenue sharing funding as a means to provide financial support for local... More…

CEO - Tahoe

  1. Tourism Master Plan Award In-Kind Contribution Form FY2022-23
  1. Tourism Master Plan Grant Guide and Application FY 2022-23 Allocation

    The Capital Projects Advisory Committee (CAP Committee) is soliciting applications for projects that implement Tourism Master Plan... More…

Clerk of the Board

  1. Public Comment Submission

    Placer County is committed to public participation. To that end this comment submission for has been provided.

Community Development Resource Agency

  1. Building Inspection Customer Survey
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Building Services Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. Release and Waiver of Liability for Use of Accessory Dwelling Unit Building Plans


District Attorney

  1. #WhatIWishIKnew

    If you could write a letter to your old self, pe-crime, what would you say?

  2. California: Time to act on the fentanyl crisis

    As the California State Legislature commences, Placer County District Attorney’s Office has one message for the 2023-24 class: the time... More…

  3. Senior Scam Seminar Information Request

    Form to collect contact info and preferences for Senior Scam related events.

  4. SVP Case update portal - William Stephenson

    Placer County residents, officials and law enforcement are dedicated to allowing the Placer County residents voice to be heard... More…

  5. Welfare Fraud Report
  1. AUDIT the CDCR

    On June 22, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the Chair of the California Assembly Public Safety Committee... More…

  2. No on SB 300

    Senate Bill 300 is seeking to reduce penalties for murder cases with special circumstance.

  3. STOP the release of Justine Vanderschoot's murderers
  4. Victim + Survivor Network Database

    Hello, we are so glad you are here. Our Victim + Survivor Network is designed to connect and empower people who have experienced loss... More…

  5. Worker's Compensation Fraud Report

Economic Development

  1. Additional Locations Form

    Additional Locations for Film Permit Application

  1. Contact the Film Office

Health & Human Services - Public Health

  1. County of Placer - Health and Human Services - Public Health Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  2. Placer County COVID-19 Vaccine Stakeholder Information

    Placer County health care workers who live or work in the county are no longer required to provide a point of contact to receive... More…

  3. Placer Safe Routes to School Pledge
  4. Public Health Covid19 Supply Order

    For Public Health partners unable to procure or locate supplies. Fill out and submit the form. If supplies are available you will be... More…

  5. Residential Care Facilities Vaccination Requests
  1. COVID-19 and/or Flu Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic Interest Form

    COVID-19 and/or Flu Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic Interest Form

  2. Placer County Public Health Partner Vaccine Allocations
  3. Placer Safe Routes to School Pledge (Spanish)
  4. Public Health Office Depot Order Form

    You should have supervisor approval prior to placing an order

  5. Smoke-Free Campus Reporting Tool


  1. Contact Placer Adult Literacy Program
  2. Share Your Library Story

    Libraries are homes to millions of stories, but the story that matters most is yours! Placer County Library would love to hear why YOU... More…

  1. Library Website Feedback
  2. Suggest a Purchase for the Library

Probation Department

  1. Commendation Form

    You may use this form to submit a commendation regarding an outstanding Placer County probation officer or employee.

  1. Complaint Form

    You may use this form to submit a complaint against a Placer County probation officer or employee.

Public Works

  1. Park Reservation Questionnaire

    PARKS Informational Questionnaire

Redistricting Placer

  1. Redistricting Sign Up!

    Sign up to get more information about Redistricting efforts in Placer County


  1. 5K Fun Run PCSO Special Olympics Fundraiser

    Fun Run Information, Form, and Donation Saturday, October 14, 2023 Starts @ 8:30am 4th Annual North Auburn Community 5K Fun Run In... More…

  2. Community Services Event/Presentation Request

    Request to have us attend community events.

  3. Crime Reporting Form
  4. Vacation Check
  1. Commendation Form
  2. Complaint Form
  3. Jail Inmate Visitor Pre-Registration