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Tourism Master Plan Award In-Kind Contribution Form FY2022-23


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    4. Tourism Master Plan Award In-Kind Contribution Form

      Use the templates, or a similar form, on pages 14 and 15 to document in-kind contributions. In-kind contributions are third-party donations of goods, facilities, or services used to meet the matching requirement for the award of Transient Occupancy Tax revenues. Your organization is not required to use these exact forms if your organization has other means to record the data.

      Do not include property, facilities, or services contributed by your own organization. The third-party donations must be necessary and reasonable for the project.

      On the form, show how the value of each contribution was determined by filling in the appropriate boxes:

      • For donated goods:
        • provide a description and number of items
        • date provided
        • the total fair market value of the items
      • For facilities:
        • the published rental rate and hours or dates the facility was used
      • For volunteer services (one person per form):
        • list the number of hours worked
        • date(s) of service
        • type of service
        • rate of pay

      Examples of completed in-kind contribution reports are on pages 16 and 17 (Example A and B).

      All in-kind items reported must:

      • Be provided by a third-party, either an individual or an organization, not the grant recipient.
      • Be for allowable costs and activities that were included in your approved project budget.
      • Be supported by documentation that corroborates the fair market value of the goods or services provided.

      If you have questions, please contact Lindsay Romack at [email protected].