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Court Hearing Customer Survey

  1. Placer County Department of Child Support Services
    Please answer the following questions regarding your recent office visit experience with the Placer County Department of Child Support Services.
  2. 1. I am the:*
  3. 2. I am:*
  4. 3. I am:*
  5. 4. My most recent contact with a Child Support Professional was made:
    Check those that apply.
  6. 5. My wait time to speak with a Child Support Attorney was:
  7. 6. The wait time for my case to be called by the Commissioner was:
  8. 7. Please rate your recent office visit experience with the Placer County Child Support Services.
  9. My wait time for assistance was reasonable.
  10. Those who assisted me were knowledgeable.
  11. I was treated with respect.
  12. I had enough time to discuss my situation.
  13. I was given answers and explanations to my questions.
  14. I was provided with options for my situation.
  15. The outcome seemed fair to all involved parties.
  16. The Department staff were well-organized.
  17. It was convenient and easy to access a Child Support Professional.
  18. I understand the process better after this interaction.
  19. My child benefits from the services provided by the Department.
  20. Without the help of the Department, my child might not receive the support he/she is entitled to.
  21. I believe that the Department helps me to provide my child with support.
  22. My overall experience was positive.
  23. Court security treated me with dignity and respect.
  24. My questions were answered by the Child Support Attorney.
  25. The Child Support Attorney presented my position fairly.
  26. My questions were answered by the Court.
  27. 8. Contact Information (voluntary, but will help us improve our services and is confidential)
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