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Building Inspection Customer Survey

  1. Thank You for Taking Our Survey
    Building Services is committed to our mission statement: “Helping the Community build safe and sustainable dreams through high quality customer service, certainty, engagement, and transparently adaptable standards.”

    Please help us by completing our customer satisfaction survey.
  2. 1. It was easy to schedule my inspection using the automated system (website or phone).
  3. 2. The inspector arrived within the two-hour inspection time published for the day.
  4. 3. The inspector greeted me with professionalism and identified themselves upon arrival.
  5. 4. The inspector was knowledgeable and able to answer my code and construction questions.
  6. 5. The correction notice left was legible. I could understand where and why the correction was needed.
  7. 6. I was on-site when the inspection was conducted. The inspector walked me through the correction items, explaining the code requirement.
  8. 7. I had other questions about the job, and the inspector was able to take the time to help me with my questions.
  9. 8. I contacted the "technical line" to receive code information, and the staff returned my call in a timely manner with the requested information.
  10. 9. A consultant inspector completed service for me. The service met or exceeded the service provided by a County Inspector.
  11. 10. Please provide your inspector's name.
  12. On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate your customer service experience.
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