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Additional Locations Form


  1. 1. Please Choose Location Number
  2. 2. Location Additional - General Location Information
  3. 3. Streets - based on the information provided below the permit may be subject to traffic control requirements.
  4. 4. Equipment - Please provide the total number for each type of equipment listed below.
  5. 5. Personnel (Cast and Crew)
  6. 6. B-Roll - B-Roll activities, as defined by the county, are very limited. For instance, using a drone is not a B-Roll activity. Please review the County B-Roll Policy before proceeding.
  7. 7. Animal Services
  8. 8. Drones - documentation required. See Drone Policy for details including insurance requirements.
  9. 9. Aircraft
  10. 10. Noise
  11. 11. Stunts
  12. 12. Pyrotechnics
  13. 13. Special Effects
  14. 14. Weapons
  15. 15. Unusual Props
  • Please Choose Location Number

    1. Location
      Each location after Location 2 requires a separate form to be be completed. Please check which location you are completing. If you have more than six locations please contact the Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office.