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SB 1383 Potential Violation Reporting Form

  1. This form is for submitting information about potential violations of the organics waste recycling and recovery requirements of SB 1383. 

    To report odors at the WPWMA landfill, please use the odor reporting form at

    To report public health concerns related to garbage, please report it to Environmental Health with this form.

  2. Your information

    Enter your contact information if you agree to be contacted for further information about the alleged violation and would like to be notified of the results of the investigation. This form can be submitted anonymously.

  3. Alleged Violator's Information

    Enter all known information about the identity of the alleged violator below.

  4. Address or description of location where the alleged violation occurred

  5. Please describe the alleged violation of SB 1383

  6. Please list the names and contact information for all known witnesses.

  7. Please upload any photographic or documentary evidence you may have to support the alleged violation.

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