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Crime Reporting Form

  1. Preliminary Information

  2. Today's Date

  3. Your Information

  4. Victim Information

  5. Physical Address

  6. Mailing Address if different from Physical Address

  7. Crime Details

  8. Do not list only the town.

  9. Approximate times are acceptable.

  10. In order to expedite your case, please provide the approximate total value and serial numbers for each item stolen along with the description.

  11. Was a vehicle involved?

    How was the vehicle involved?

  12. If a suspect is located, can you return to the Placer County area for court?*

  13. Would you be able to identify a suspect in a photo or physical line-up?*

  14. Can you make a positive identification of your missing property?*

  15. Is this report for insurance purposes only?*

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