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  1. Personal Information
  2. Emergency Contact
  3. House Details
  4. Is your address visible on the house?
  5. Are there any outbuildings?
  6. Are all your doors and windows locked?
  7. Do you have any pets?
  8. Were any lights left on?
  9. Have you stopped your mail?
  10. Is there a house alarm?
  11. Do you have Yard/Pool Services?
  12. Are there vehicles left on the property?
  13. Agreement*
    In your absence, the Placer County Sheriff Volunteers will provide periodic security checks of your property. They will immediately report any suspicious activity to patrol deputies to investigate.

    A vacation check will be valid for no longer than thirty days at a time. Each time you are requesting a vacation check for your home you must fill out and submit a new vacation check form.

    Vacation checks are only provided on the weekdays, during normal business hours. Checks are not provided on the weekend unless staffing is available.
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