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District Attorney Investigations

The authority of the District Attorney to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct is well established in the California Constitution and statutory law.

The office of the District Attorney was created by Article XI, Section 5 of the California Constitution in 1851. In general, the District Attorney is charged with the responsibility for the prosecution of all crimes occurring within the County.

The mission of the Placer County District Attorney's Investigations Unit is to serve the District Attorney and the public by ensuring the completion of thorough, professional criminal and civil investigations in support of the prosecution effort. Of equal importance are the achievement of excellence in service with understanding and compassion for victims of crime and professional interaction with allied agencies and personnel.

District Attorney Investigators are granted full peace officer powers pursuant to Section 830.1(a) of the California Penal Code. Essentially this means DA Investigators have full powers of arrest and warrant. Additionally, DA Investigators have the power of subpoena.

Assignments for DA Investigators include:

  • Conducting pre-trial preparation and investigation
  • Assisting allied law enforcement agencies in major cases as required
  • Undertaking and completing civil and criminal investigations as required by the District Attorney.
  • Preparing and executing search warrants, arrest warrants or civil process
  • Locating, serving and transporting reluctant or hostile witnesses
  • Undertaking other law enforcement/investigative assignments as required.
  • Alleged governmental misconduct
  • Environmental crimes
  • Parental Child Abduction
  • Certain frauds