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Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council


To evaluate the high fire threat to the PSFSC planning area including the City of Colfax and the unincorporated area surrounding it up to Emigrant Gap, and the Placer Hills Fire District, covering the communities of Meadow Vista, Weimar, Applegate, Clipper Gap, and Eden Valley. Assuring the necessary firefighting resources and personnel are available to respond to wild land fires that threaten lives and property. To develop a Community Fire Safe Plan, reduce fuel levels, effectively communicate with area residents motivating them to take action to protect their homes and property prior to a wildfire. Restoring and rehabilitating landscapes and communities that are affected by wild land fire. Reducing the amount of hazardous fuels (dry brush and trees that have accumulated and increase the likelihood of unusually large fires) in the US's forests and rangelands. Providing assistance to communities that have been or may be threatened, by wild land fire. Committing to the Wild land Fire Leadership Council, an interagency team created to set and maintain high standards for wild land fire management on public lands.

Conflict of Interest - No


Seven (7) core members. Members must reside in or own a business within the PSFSC planning area. Six (6) members to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors: one (1) appointment from the greater Colfax area outside the City of Colfax from the northern boundaries of Placer Hills Fire Protection District to Secret Town/ Alpine Meadows Subdivision, one (1) appointment from the Meadow Vista community (as defined by the Meadow Vista Municipal Advisory Council), two (2) appointments from the Placer Hills Fire Protection District area outside the community of Meadow Vista (Weimar, Applegate, Clipper Gap, or Eden Valley) , two (2) appointments from the area above Secret Town to Emigrant Gap, including the communities of Alta and Dutch Flat. One (1) member to be appointed by the City of Colfax.

Three (3) will be appointed for a two (2) year term (ending January 31, 2008), three (3) will be appointed for a three (3) year term (ending January 31, 2009). Future appointments will be for two (2) years.


Meetings will be held the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Colfax City Council Chambers in Colfax.


Members to serve without compensation.


Office of Emergency Services 
2968 Richardson Drive 
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By Expires
1 Mark D'Ambrogi Greater Colfax Area 2-years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2020
2 Robert Zaucha Meadow Vista 2-years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2019
3 Alex Harvey Placer Hills Fire District 2-years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2018
4 John T. Lippold Placer Hills Fire Protection Dist. 2-years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2019
5 Karen Calvert Secret Town - Emigrant Gap 2-years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2018
6 Don Belden Secret Town - Emigrant Gap 2 years Board of Supervisors 1/31/2019
7 Will Stockwin City of Colfax City Pleasure City of Colfax