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Solid Waste Local Task Force


(a) Assists in the review, revision and implementation of county and city source reduction and recycling elements, household hazardous waste elements, and non-disposal facility elements;

(b)  Reviews the countywide integrated waste management plan as required by CCR 18788;

(c)   Reviews and comments, as required by the Local Enforcement Agency and CalRecycle, on proposed actions, programs and facilities which affect the management of solid waste and diverted materials in Placer County.

(d)  Provides a forum for the public discussion of regional solid waste management, waste reduction, and recycling programs, issues, legislation and regulation.

(e)  Advises the Board of Supervisors, when warranted, on matters pertaining to solid waste.


Conflict of Interest - No


Composed of 16 members: 1 from each of the cities; 1 from the Board of Supervisors; 1 from each franchise waste hauler; 1 from the landfill operator;1 from the MRF operator; 1 from an environmental group; 1 from the Planning Commission; and 3 at-large members to represent the general public to serve at the pleasure of the area they serve. At-large members to serve at the pleasure of the Board.


The first Thursday of February, May, August, and November at 9:00 a.m. in the Cypress Room, Community Development Resource Center, 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn


Members shall receive no compensation for their services; however, any member traveling on official business for the Council shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary traveling expense.


Candace Rouselet, Facility Services
11476 C Ave
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Alternate  Represents Term Appointed By
1 Todd Leopold

 Bryan Hacker

Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
2 Devin Whittington Shelly Tilley City of Roseville City Pleasure City of Roseville
3 Mark Foster Angela Frost City of Lincoln City Pleasure City of Lincoln
4 Corinne Heisler Scott Yuill City of Rocklin City Pleasure City of Rocklin
5 Derrick Whitehead Bernie Schroeder City of Auburn City Pleasure City of Auburn
6 Wes Heathcock Lorraine Cassidy City of Colfax City Pleasure City of Colfax
7 Brit Snipes Joan Phillipe Town of Loomis Town Pleasure Town of Loomis
8 John Rowe Sue Dossa Recology Auburn Placer Board Pleasure Recology Auburn Placer
9 David Achiro Bert Wallace  Tahoe Truckee Disp Board Pleasure Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal
10 Richard Johnson N/A Planning Commission Commission Pleasure Planning Commission
11 Vacant Seat N/A Environmental Group Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
12 Sue Ingle N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
13 Michael Herbert N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
14 David Wiltsee N/A Public At-Large Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors
15 Paul Szura Brian Jones Landfill Operations Pleasure WRSL WRSL
16 Brandi Tapia Brian Jones MRF Operations Board Pleasure Nortech