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County Service Thoughts

A few thoughts on County Services.

The majority of land in Placer County, stretching from Roseville to the Nevada border, including 40 percent of Lake Tahoe, does not fall within a city or town limits. Many people who live within city limits are unaware of the vast array of services that the County provides to them as well. Cities only provide services to people who live within city limits. 

Some areas are served exclusively through county services; some are served by a mixture of county and city. Law enforcement is provided by the Placer County Sheriff's Office, except in the cities of Auburn, Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville, which maintain their own police departments. 

Anyone arrested in Placer County would likely be transported to the County Jail, which is operated by the Sheriff's Office Corrections Division. Anyone charged with a criminal offense in the County would be prosecuted by the District Attorney and could be represented by the Public Defender, which contracts with the County for indigent legal services. 

If you have ever voted in an election, the Placer County Clerk-Recorder / Registrar of Voters is the department that runs every election in the County. They distribute the ballots to registered voters, hire polling workers, operate the polls, collect and tabulate ballots and report the results to the California Secretary of State. 

If you were born or are married anywhere in Placer County, the Clerk-Recorder office issues birth, death and marriage certificates. The state also maintains birth and death certificates for all 58 counties, but the County office is the quickest way to obtain one.  This office also processes passport applications. Real property records are maintained by the Clerk-Recorder. If you buy a property, it is recorded by the County in this office. 

All food businesses are monitored by Placer County Environmental Health, which regularly inspects restaurants and other places that sell food. Restaurant inspection reports are available on the county website by clicking this link: Inspections. 

The County's Health and Human Services (HHS) department provides a wide array of services related to the health and wellbeing of residents. The County administers three medical coverage programs that provide free or low cost health insurance to eligible adults, children, seniors, and persons with disabilities: the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Medi-Cal, and the Medical Care Services Program. Behavior, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment are provided to adults and children. 

Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services provide assistance to the vulnerable members of our communities. Foster care and Adoption Services are also offered through HHS. The Public Health Department monitors infectious diseases and operates medical clinics. In addition to healthcare coverage, Human Services provides food and nutrition assistance, temporary cash (WIC) and housing assistance, and employment services. The County provides Animal Services as well. 

Placer County operates 11 Libraries from Granite Bay to Lake Tahoe, in addition to the Bookmobile. There are six museums operated by the County that provide information and artifacts on the region's colorful past. Museums regularly offer events and seasonal exhibits that are always free to the public. 

Outdoor recreation is a popular activity for residents and visitors alike in Placer County. With dozens of parks, trails, ball fields, nature preserves, a community swimming pool and the gem of County Parks, is Hidden Falls Regional Park, where there is something that fits everyone's outdoor needs. 

Placer County Fire Department provides fire and emergency medical service for more than 475 square miles of unincorporated area in the County. These services are provided by CAL FIRE through a contract with the County. 

If you drive in the County, odds are you are on a road maintained by the County's Department of Public Works.  Also, Placer County plows the most roadways (1,100 miles) in the state, with the exception of Caltrans. Public Works also manages bridge construction projects such as the Cook-Riolo Bridge replacement.

Public Transit in the County provides bus service from Alta to Roseville and onto Light Rail in Sacramento County. In the Tahoe area, Tahoe Area Regional Transit provides public transportation in the high country. 

Agriculture plays an important role in Placer County history and its economic success. The Agricultural Commissioner promotes agriculture and ensures that pest detection, eradication and pesticide use is done correctly. The Ag Commissioner also ensures that retail sales based on weights and measures are accurate and that consumers get what they pay for. 

If you ever wonder what you get from the County for your tax dollar, what I've mentioned is just a partial list. I'd say we're getting our money's worth. 

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you. I welcome your feedback and can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 916-787-8950