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Jack Duran - District 1 County Update

Last year saw a tremendous amount of activity in District 1. While not everything was completed, I think it’s accurate to say there were many accomplishments and that we are definitely on the right road in many areas. 

One of my highest priorities is public safely. How the system handles those convicted of crimes has changed dramatically and we have had to adapt. The jails now house many more sophisticated criminals who have been in and out of incarceration. To change this revolving door model, we looked at alternatives to reduce recidivism. We partially opened the South Placer Adult Correctional Facility near Roseville last year and we have an achievable plan to fully open the facility.  In March we will finalize the Criminal Justice Master Plan and begin implementing the recommendations to make our Criminal Justice system more collaborative, cost effective, and efficient.   

Working with the Probation Department, we started an Offender Re-entry Program, which identifies inmates and the newly released who have a propensity to engage in behaviors likely to bring them back into custody. The program then tailors services to correct those behaviors. This is a multi-faceted concept involving the Sheriff’s Office, the courts, Probation, Veterans Services, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs and employment assistance. If we get these people the assistance they need, we can help keep them out of our jails and prisons. 

Western Placer County development is quickly coming back to life after the recession. The Placer Vineyards project (South of Baseline from Walerga to Locust Road) and, along with it, the prospect of additional institutes of higher education. Discussions on a Regional University continue, with a decision being made by the University of Warwick, a prestigious UK based International University, anticipated in early 2015.  CSU-Sacramento is also interested in opening a satellite campus in Placer County and I am working with County, City and local business interests to make both educational opportunities a reality for District 1 residents. These institutions would mesh well with the successful William Jessup University located in Rocklin. Colleges and universities make contributions far beyond education and they improve the cultural, social and economic character of an area. 

You can’t talk about development without talking about the requisite infrastructure to accommodate the growth. Placer County has pursued a regional sewer system. Upgrading the many smaller, aging treatment plants that dot the county just doesn’t make good business sense anymore. Instead we are building a large pipeline that will move wastewater from Auburn to an expanded treatment plant in Lincoln. The City of Auburn has also purchased capacity in this new system for future use. This pipeline project is nearing completion with operations scheduled to commence in early 2016. Other areas of the county are following suit with the regional model, allowing us to meet increasingly stringent state and federal standards in a more efficient and cost effective manner.  

Right in the center of my district is the Placer County Fairgrounds and its racetrack, the All-American Speedway. The Board of Supervisors as a whole met several times last year on this subject and I personally had many other meetings on this topic. The question is:  what the county will do with this large parcel of county-owned land that sits in the middle of the city of Roseville? In December we officially formed the Fairgrounds Revitalization Committee to assist us with ideas from community members. This advisory body will begin meeting to study the available options for the fairgrounds so that we can make informed decisions as to what is in the best interest of the fairgrounds, the community and the County. I look forward to hearing the committee’s recommendations. 

As I begin my second term on the Board of Supervisors I want to thank all of you for your many questions, comments, concerns, input, criticism and support throughout my first four years as your County representative.  I look forward to another four years of representing your vision and interests for this great County in which we live, work, raise our children and experience the golden years of our lives.  

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you. I always welcome your feedback and can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 916-787-8950.