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Doing Business With Placer County

There are some interactions the public has with Placer County's government that are perhaps not the most desirable. Paying your property tax bill, pulling a building permit and the requisite inspections that come with that process, or even having an extended stay in one of the county's correctional facilities. 

While those activities may stick in the minds of some, there so many more interactions between the county and its residents that are far more symbiotic and beneficial.  

At the Board of Supervisors meetings every two weeks, we typically approve a plethora of contracts for the goods, supplies and services that Placer County uses to conduct the business of government. 

As one of the larger employers in the county, we provide many services to the hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors who live and visit in the beautiful environs we call Placer County.  If I were to provide a list of all that we "do," this column would run very long. Many of the things that we do are done in house, meaning county staff takes care of the work that's needed. However, most of what we do or the products that we use we purchase from outside vendors. 

I would encourage Placer County businesses to become vendors that provide everything we use to do our work, both short term and long term. You don't have to be a huge national corporation to do business with the county. In fact, we prefer to use local vendors and give preference to companies that are located in Placer County. There is a 5 percent Placer County Credit associated with signing up as a Local Vendor. Local vendors should apply for this credit as it can be the deciding factor in who is awarded the contract.  

As you would expect, there are some requirements to do business with the county. All vendors: 

  • Must have been doing business in Placer County for 6 months;
  • Must have a valid business license; and
  • Must be current in property tax owed to the County. 

The county uses a third party vendor, called Public Purchase, to capture all interested vendors. In order to begin the process of doing business with the county, all vendors must register online:,ca/buyer/public/home  

Once a vendor signs up, they will receive a county email alerting them that the county is seeking a vendor that sells the specified product/service the vendor offers.  

If a vendor believes they're too small to do business with the county, they should meet with the Procurement Services Department, which will speak with any vendor with an interest in doing business with the county. Contact Procurement for assistance in becoming a county vendor. Visit their home page, which has a wealth of useful and pertinent information:

You can also contact the department via email:, or by telephone: 530-886-2122.  

To give you an idea of the breadth of what the county does and the types of vendors we use, here is a partial list. The County is responsible for: 

  • Maintenance of buildings and facilities which require janitorial supplies and equipment, plumbing and electrical products, lights and controls, HVAC equipment, office machines and supplies, and filing, printing and mailing equipment;
  • Offices which require furniture, computers and related equipment, telecommunications equipment, office machines and supplies, and filing, printing and mailing equipment;
  • Institutions which require personal and professional services, laboratory and medical supplies and equipment, clothing, bedding, food and food-processing items;
  • Parks and grounds which require landscape maintenance equipment, fencing, seed, plantings, and fertilizer;
  • Car and truck fleets which require fuel and lubricants, replacement parts, tires, batteries, and body and engine services;
  • Roads and highways which require road materials, signs, markers and heavy equipment;
  • Law enforcement and public safety operations which require communications equipment, firearms and ammunition, fire apparatus, rescue equipment, forensic investigation supplies, emergency medical and safety supplies, and boat and aircraft parts; and
  • Design and construction of buildings, roads, and facilities which require architectural, engineering and environmental services, and construction services.  

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you. I welcome your feedback and can be reached by e-mail at, or by phone at 916-787-8950.