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Jack Duran, District 1 Update

University of Warwick Coming to Placer County 

Placer County received some exciting news last week when the University of Warwick announced its plans to open a “world class university” in the western area of the county. This announcement is the culmination of more than 12 years of work.  

Securing Warwick, which has its home campus in Great Britain, has a two-fold benefit to Placer County. First, it greatly improves the stature of the county as a place of higher learning. Second, the decision by officials at Warwick lets the region, the state and the world know that Placer County is a great place to live, work, play and get educated.  

The university, in its announcement that it is opening a campus in our county, offers some innovative goals for its local campus and some flattering perceptions:  

This is a landmark initiative for our university, with the aim of establishing a Warwick campus in one of the world's most influential regions. We can take our exceptional standards of teaching into a fresh context, attracting new high-quality, globally-focused students. We can facilitate international collaboration and employment opportunities that benefit all our staff, students, and alumni. 

It took more than a decade to bring another university to the area. Warwick will join the very successful William Jessup University in making the west county the area’s college district. We’ve had other deals in the works to bring other schools to the area that have unfortunately fallen through. However, we have kept up the search, ironed out the details and now the entire area will benefit from the perseverance to make this happen. 

Through the foresight and vision of a group of dedicated people, the university will eventually be located on 600 donated acres. The site, which is on unincorporated county land north of Roseville, South of Lincoln and west of Rocklin, will be part of a 1,200-acre development. Warwick will initially begin with a select number of postgraduate courses housed in interim accommodations. As the university grows, it will move to permanent facilities and offer undergraduate courses across an array of subjects. The goal is to create a university with a campus serving 6,000 students. 

Much of the coordination for the deal that brought the University of Warwick to Placer County was done by the non-profit University Development Trust. The Trust, in addition to securing the land donation, will also provide the funding to move the project along.  

An institution such as the University of Warwick does more than bring students and faculty to the area. The school strengthens the area’s economy through its job-creating capacity. There are the jobs directly created through the employment of the faculty and staff. There are the ancillary jobs from researchers and visitors to the university, in addition to the employment that supports the university, such as retail, lodging restaurants, supplies and services.  

Additionally, a university contributes culturally to the area where it’s located. With its British roots, Warwick, thorough its graduate and undergraduate courses, will educate an internationally focused student body. Universities also offer a panoply of programs, presentations, assistance to local communities in researching topics of interest and concern, and the use of the school’s facilities for extracurricular activities, meetings and performances. 

With William Jessup University already established, the University of Warwick on the way and a deal in the works to bring a satellite campus for Sacramento State University to the West Placer area, Placer County stands to have a trinity of higher education.  

As your First District Supervisor, I will continue to work diligently to better the lives, safety and economy of the citizens of Placer County and the region. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you. I always welcome your feedback and can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 916-787-8950. 

To read more about the University of Warwick, please click on this link: Warwick.