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Duran Proposes Moratorium on County Revenue Share Program

Duran says, “budget uncertainty demands hard choices on spending”

For immediate release
March 22, 2011:

Auburn, CA - District 1 Supervisor Jack Duran today proposed a 12 month moratorium to Placer County’s “Revenue Share” program. The program gives each County Supervisorial District $20,000 ($100,000 total) to earmark to local non-profit and charitable organizations.

“As the CEO of a Roseville area non-profit, I understand the financial challenges that many local organizations are facing in this tough economy first hand,” Duran said. “While revenue share supports many worthy causes, my first obligation as a Supervisor is to Placer County taxpayers, and our ongoing budget uncertainty demands hard choices on spending.”

With the continuing state budget crisis increasing financial pressure on local governments, Duran has said he wants to work with fellow Board members and County staff to evaluate county spending priorities, with a goal of minimizing cuts to vital services when the Board completes its budget later this year.

“As we confront short term challenges and begin planning for longer term contingencies, I believe this moratorium is a necessary and fiscally prudent first step,” Duran added.

Duran has also asked that the Board and Staff study the Revenue Share Program to ensure that when and if it is restored, it is structured in a way that ensures more consistency, transparency and public input on how funds are allocated. If, after the one-year-hold, the Board decides to keep the program in place, Duran said he favors putting the decision of how to allocate the funds in the hands of a local citizens committee.