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Committees & Commissions

The following committees and commissions are comprised of citizens of Placer County in order to guide and advise local government. These are the committees and commissions I invite you to consider serving. We have regular vacancies and it is important that these be filled by a broad spectrum of voices.

County Advisory bodies that serve communities within District 2

County Advisory bodies with members who represent District 2 that serve the entire county

Advisory bodies with at-large representatives

Other advisory bodies with at-large representatives who typically represent the general public or groups such as older adults throughout the county. They include:

  • Placer County Area 4 Agency on Aging Advisory Council
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Emergency Medical Care Committee
  • Flood Control & Water Conservation District
  • Placer County Resource Conservation District
  • Placer Mosquito Abatement District
  • Solid Waste Independent Hearing Panel
  • Wastewater Advisory Committee
  • Advisory bodies

    Other advisory bodies reserve some of their seats for public representatives who either are experts in their fields or represent specific groups. They include

  • Agricultural Commission
  • First 5 Placer County Children and Families Commission
  • In-Home Support Services Advisory Committee
  • Mental Health Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board
  • Placer County Child Care Local Planning Council
  • Veterans Advisory Council
  • If you would like to serve please submit an application. For more information contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.