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Rural Lincoln Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Municipal Advisory Councils (MACs) are comprised of local residents who advise the Board of Supervisors on issues or concerns. MACs are designed to provide a local public forum where information about land use, transportation and general county information is shared and discussed. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend MAC meetings to talk about issues that are important to them.

On occasion, MAC meetings may be cancelled. Be sure to how to sign up for notifications , visit the meeting calendar or contact the office at 530-889-4010 to confirm meeting dates, times, and locations.

Rural Lincoln Boundary Map

Meeting Schedule


Agendas and Minutes


2019 Agendas and Minutes      

If you’re interested in submitting a topic of discussion, please send your request via email to Supervisor Weygandt's Associate Aide, Lyndell Grey at

For archived agendas and minutes, contact us at or 530-889-4010


 Rural Lincoln Roster

Meet the Members

Deirdre Lefty - Rice and Cattle Rancher

Deirdre Lefty

"The MAC is the easy place for people to give their views to the county and gives them the chance to get their problems addressed."

Timmothy Emick

George Alves - Fire Mitigation Coordinator, Hewlett Packard Consultant

George Alves

"The bottom line is that we must be informed ourselves and help others to be informed. We must get to the bottom of issues."

Joyce Bachman - Cattle Rancher, Board Member of the Mt. Pleasant Hall

Joyce Bachman

“It’s amazing how few people know about impending county actions and regulations that affect their lives. People need to make the effort to attend the MAC meetings, and the meetings of the Board of Supervisors, to be fully informed.”

Rich Lewis - Insurance Agent 

Rich Lewis, District 2, Lincoln MAC Member


Establishing Resolution