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Municipal Advisory Councils (MACs)

The Municipal Advisory Council (MACs) is comprised of volunteers, like you, from the community who take on the honor of listening to community concerns and representing those issues to their County Supervisor. These advisory bodies create a forum for the community to voice their concerns and give formal input on projects and issues facing their local communities. Presently, there are 14 MACS that meet monthly and are comprised of a range from 5 to 7 MAC Members who are appointed by their County Supervisor and approved by the entire Board of Supervisors. The MAC members work closely with their County Supervisor and magnify the voices of even our most rural communities. Please be sure to check the calendar for scheduled dates and agendas.

For more information on your MAC or others in the County, please visit the quick link to the right "Municipal Advisory Councils" or contact Jocelyn Maddux at 530-889-4010 or email at

Schedules can change and meetings are occasionally cancelled, so call 530-889-4010 to confirm meeting dates, times and locations.

Here is a calendar showing monthly MAC meetings, with information on locations. 

District 5 MACs