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Building, Property, and Home

Includes planning, building codes and permits, code compliance, owning and renting a property, and property tax assessments.

  • Property AssessmentsSearch for property assessments and maps
  • Building a New HomeInformation on the requirements for septic installation and well drilling in new homes
  • Code ComplianceIncludes complaint hotline, compliance, nuisance, code or permit violations, dangerous buildings and more
  • Floodplain ManagementIncludes prevention of flood damage and qualifying for federally backed flood insurance
  • Geographic Information ServicesInformation on Land, GIS, Maps, School and Fire Districts, etc.
  • Land Development and ZoningInformation on land development and zoning that assists in future growth within Placer County.
  • Building Codes, Regulations and PermitsIncludes how to obtain building permits, residential and commercial building code, and building division policies
  • Planning CommissionIncludes planning commission hearings, streaming videos, agendas, staff reports, and summary actions
  • Real Property RecordsIncludes searching official real estate records and ordering copies

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