The Placer County Public Health Division aligns with California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance and will not differ.

Click here for testing options in Placer County.

Should I get tested? 

For information on when to get tested, the different types of tests, and other FAQs go here. For additional guidance and information from the CDPH visit their testing webpage here

Read the Antigen, PCR, and Serology Tests Fact Sheet (PDF) to understand the different types of COVID-19 testing and when they may be used.

Other Testing Resources

The California Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Task Force website has additional information for where to find a COVID-19 test site as an individual, along with how to enroll your facility or school as a test site.

To find "Test to Treat" locations, visit CDPH's website here. OptumServe sites in Roseville and Truckee are now providing COVID-19 rapid testing, assessment by a medical provider, and prescription antiviral pills if appropriate, all onsite and free of charge. Make an appointment.

COVID-19 treatment works best when started as soon as possible after symptoms start and before symptoms worsen. If you don't have a health care provider or don't hear back from your provider within a few days, visit a Test to Treat location to get rapid testing and find out if treatments are right for you.