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Ag Community Resources

University of California Cooperative Extension:
Horticulture & Small Farms Programs, Placer & Nevada Counties
The Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor:

  • assists new farmers in evaluating production sites and new crop opportunities, and in developing production experience.
  • works with established farmers to improve production practices for quality produce.
  • provides information and assistance to growers in implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.
  • works with grower associations to develop sound business plans and effective marketing strategies.
  • promotes sustainable agriculture that protects the environment, contributes to the economic viability of small farmers and preserves farmland.
  • conducts farm calls to evaluate specific opportunities or problems.
  • works with University of California specialists to provide reliable research-based information for agricultural producers.

University of California Cooperative Extension:
Livestock and Natural Resources Programs, Placer & Nevada Counties

  • program promotes using management, not technology
  • solve issues and problems in livestock production.
  • Emphasis is put on generating sustainable profit, not maximizing production.
  • Educational workshops and events with a hands-on focus are held throughout the year.
  • Farm calls are available for free by an appointment basis, and questions can be answered by phone.

Agricultural Sign Program:
Placer County Department of Public Works, Agricultural Sign Program

Placer County now allows off-premises agricultural directional signs within County road right-of-way at 14 intersections in the County. Sign panels are white with a standard dark green lettering and may include the name of the business or commodity, and either distances to the business site or months of operation. Installation and maintenance of these signs shall be done by the Placer County Department of Public Works.
*Approved location list and Sign Request form available from the Department of Public Works in the CDRC building at the intersection of Bell Road and Richardson Drive.

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