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Agriculture Crop Reports

Every year, the county Agricultural Commissioner prepares a report on the prior year's agricultural production for the State of California and for the county's Board of Supervisors. Placer County has a long and proud history of agricultural activity, starting before the birth of the county in 1851 and continuing to this day. Crops include Placer's renowned mandarin oranges, timber, rice, flowers, and lots of fresh produce featured in local farmers' markets. County ranchers raise poultry, cattle, and sheep. Learn more about county farmers, growers and ranchers at PlacerGROWN website.

 Top 5 Crops for 2016

Rice  $ 12,635,000
Other Livestock (chickens, fish, goats, turkeys, and swine)
 $ 10,765,000
Cattle & Calves  $  8,330,000
Nursery Stock  $  8,154,000
Walnuts  $  5,629,000

Archived Crop Reports