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Placer County Current Air Quality Data

There are more than 200 permanent locations in California with air monitoring sites that are part of the California air monitoring network. The links below are from air monitoring sites in Placer County, along with some locations in the region which can be found on the California Air Resources Board’s website.

There is no air quality advisory at this time.

The following link is to graphs showing the PM 2.5 data from air monitoring stations (both permanent and temporary) in Placer County and Nevada County. The graphs show the 3-hour and 24-hour averages based on preliminary hourly measurements from each station and has not been validated yet.

This downloadable Outdoor Activities Smoke Guide (.pdf)  developed by Placer County Air Pollution Control District staff, in consultation with the Placer County Health Department staff, is intended to help in decision making when it is smoky outside. Reducing your exposure by using common-sense precautions is the best way to protect oneself from smoke. 

The colors with these readings are tied into the Air Quality Index.

Valley Locations

Foothill and Mountain Areas

Lake Tahoe Area

Temporary Monitoring Sites available through Spare the Air Fires: Current Conditions

There are currently no temporary monitoring sites locally in use.