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NOA Maps and Resources

Updated January 18, 2013

  • An Enhanced map (1:100,000 scale) of areas likely to contain naturally occurring asbestos in Placer County. The report and map image is 3.7 MB in size and may take some time to download. This map was prepared by the California Geological Survey for the District as Special Report 190 which assessed the likelihood of the presence of NOA in various areas of Placer County.

  • Detailed maps have been prepared showing the relative likelihood of the presence of naturally occurring asbestos. These maps are derived from the Enhanced Map prepared by the CGS. Because the scale is increased from the parent map, the area maps provide an increased ability to locate specific points while introducing some additional uncertainty.

  • California Geological Survey's General Location Guide (2.2 MB) for Ultramafic Rocks in California - Areas More Likely to Contain Naturally Occurring Asbestos

  • Maps displaying ultramafic rock and other Placer County geologic formations at 1:250,000 scale:

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