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2017 South Placer Employment Profile Report

April 13, 2017

Placer County charged Beacon Economics with developing a report that will facilitate a more focused dialogue
about the economic environment in South Placer County. The goal of this report is to provide timely
quantitative indicators for the County, its cities, and the Sunset Industrial Area. The report provides essential
background information on the South Placer workforce, which may serve as a reference for the
County as it undertakes strategic economic and policy decisions that will help shape the future of the region.
The report also contains metrics that can be used to establish economic development, workforce,
and other County goals and track the progress of those goals.

This report begins with a brief summary of employment trends in Placer County, with a particular focus
on South Placer. The remaining analysis delves more deeply into granular industry employment and wage
breakouts for the Sunset Industrial Area and its adjacent cities, specifically the region’s local-serving core
employment industries, including Health Care and Retail Trade. Finally, it will examine emerging industries
in South Placer, including Financial Services and Real Estate, and a growing cluster centered on the
production and wholesaling of goods in the region. See the full report