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Introducing the Main Street America Program to Placer County

March 19, 2018

On March 15, 2018, Placer County Economic Development in conjunction with the National Main Street Center hosted a free webinar to learn about the Main Street America™ Program and how it has been used nationwide in communities of all sizes to greatly improve economic development in downtowns and neighborhood commerical districts.

The webinar covered the origin of the Main Street Program, how the Main Street Four-Point Approach is used to improve downtown, case studies from other community successes and the economic impact that the program has had nationally.  Touted as the best economic development program in the country, Main Street statistics show that for every $1 a city invests in a Main Street program, it leverages a $34 investment by the private sector.

The Heart of Communities: The Main Street movement grew out of a recognition that a community is only as strong as its core. In an era when many people had given up hope about the commercial and cultural viability of downtown, and when suburbs, shopping malls, and big box retailers were dominating the American landscape, this seemed like an unlikely proposition. But, over the last four decades, the Main Street movement has proven that downtowns are the heart of our communities, and that a community is only as strong as its core.

How they do it: By partnering with organizations and leaders at the local, city, state, and national level, Main Street America protects the historic character of cities and towns across the country, and promotes shared prosperity. Their approach is comprehensive, inclusive, place-based and people-focused.

A Movement of Community Changemakers: Main Street empowers communities to set their own destinies. While revitalization is challenging work, the Main Street program offers a road-map for locally-owned, locally-driven prosperity. Across the country, thousands of communities have used the Main Street Approach to transform their economies, leverage local leadership, and improve overall quality of life.

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