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Population Projections


From 2016 to 2036, Placer County is projected to grow at an annualized rate of 1.31 percent, adding 111,561 people. During these 20 years, the share of the population age 65 and older is projected to grow from 18.72 percent to 27.11 percent. In 2030, Placer County is projected to have more deaths than births, while net migration (to and from Placer County within and outside of the United States) is expected to keep Placer County’s population growth rate positive.

The White population is projected to decrease from 76 percent today to 68 percent by 2060. Hispanic and Mixed Race population is projected to increase 4% each to 17 percent and 7 percent of the population, respectively by 2060. Placer County population is evenly spread between generations. The Millennial generation (born 1981-1997) was 76,728 or 20 percent of the population in Placer County as of 2016. “Generation X” (born 1965-1980) was 77,321 or 21% of the population as of 2016. Placer County is projected to grow more quickly than the state overall, growing 47.45 percent versus the state’s 26.87 percent by 2060.

Total Placer County Population (2010-2060) (5-year increments) or (1-year increments)

County Population Projections (2010-2060):

Projected Households, Household Population, and Persons per Household

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Components of Change (Births, Deaths, and Net Migration) 2010-2060