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County Film Commissioners Seeing Mostly Commercial Work

County Film Commissioners Seeing Mostly Commercial Work

June, 4 2013

Mark Anderson - Staff Writer- Sacramento Business Journal

Commercial shoots and catalogs have been the mainstay for local film commissioners in recent years. A decade ago they were actually getting movie location work, but much of that work has gone to states that offer production incentives and to Canada, which also offers strong incentives for movie production.

Still, some of that local commercial work gets noticed.

A Dr Pepper parody of manly 1970s nature-inspired beer commercials was filmed in El Dorado County in March and has been running in strong rotation ever since. The commercial starts with a mountain man eating bark and carrying logs and then calling for his eagle to bring him a can of soda. It ends with the tagline: The Manliest Low-Calorie Soda In the history Of Mankind. The commercial has gone viral on YouTube and even captured a rare good review from AdWeek.

“We’re seeing a lot of commercials. Not a lot of movies,” said Kathleen Dodge, El Dorado County Film Commissioner. Location shoots have been things like the pop commercial, some reality show work, car commercials and a lot of print and online catalogs, Dodge said.

Placer County last month had a crew of 40 filming a Charles Schwab & Co. commercial in Rocklin, Roseville and Granite Bay, said Placer County Film Commissioner Beverly Lewis. In recent months, most of the work has been car commercials and catalog shoots, Lewis said. In September, Placer County had an independent movie, Last Weekend, shot around Lake Tahoe. That movie, staring Patricia Clarkson and Zachary Booth, is awaiting a distribution deal.

California offers some location incentives to movie makers, but the legislation has to be renewed every two years. For many production companies, two years isn’t a long enough time to make certain the incentive will be there when the movie is shot, Lewis said. The association of California’s film commissioners, Film Liaisons In California Statewide, had been seeking a five-year bill, said Lewis, the current chairwoman of FLICS.

Check out the Dr Pepper ad parody below. Link to article