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About Us

The Placer County Fire Alliance began 14 years ago as a local fire district discussion panel, and gradually morphed into the "Mountain Area Fire Safe and Healthy Forest Alliance," with members from CDF, local fire safe councils, USDA NRCS, Placer County Resource Conservation District (RCD), fire agencies (non-CDF), and others. It focused solely on the Placer County Foothills region and was an information-sharing group, rather than being action-oriented.

In the Spring of 2001, a subcommittee was formed to examine our goals and direction. Out of that meeting, the full Alliance decided to become a county-wide organization and to become action-oriented in the area of wildfire safety. This occurred in November, 2001. At that meeting, we developed the mission and vision statement for the Alliance. The group also concluded that the only way we would be successful was if we had a paid coordinator. We applied for and received a grant for that position (through BLM National Fire Plan funds distributed via the California Fire Safe Council and the Sacramento Regional Foundation).
From December, 2002 through February 2006, an Executive Coordinator let the efforts of the Alliance.

Today the Alliance is lead by a Core Team consisting of the Placer County Fire Mitigation Coordinator, and a representative from CalFire, BLM and the USFS. Click here to see a detailed list of Alliance members.

The roll of the County Fire Mitigation Coordinator is to Chair the Alliance and lead the efforts in the following.

  • Public Information and Educational Programs
  • Management of Placer County Community Fire Councils
  • Tracking Placer County Chipper Program
  • Attend Community "Coffee Klatches" and MAC Meetings
  • Lead the Defensible Space Assistance Program efforts
  • Assist the County Biomass Program Manager with biomass related activity