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Inspection Checklists

The following checklists are to be reviewed for completion by the contractor/owner prior to scheduling an inspection. Each item is to be checked as “OK” or “N/A”. The person reviewing these items will need to sign and date this form. Present the completed form to the Building Inspector prior to commencing the inspection.

WARNING: In the Tahoe office only, failure to complete this form will delay the inspection and necessitate a re-inspection fee. Prior to this inspection, all required sequential inspections and correction notices must be completed. These are not all-inclusive lists and additional items may be required as determined during the inspection.

This inspection cannot be phased: At time of this inspection all work shall be completed.

Partial and phased inspections: Partial and phased inspections identified during the inspection process will require additional inspection fees per P.C. ORD 15.04.050 G.2