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Palisades at Squaw

Project Description:The 19.9-acre project site would be subdivided into 63 residential lots surrounded by open space, a 100-foot wide open space easement along the site’s northeastern boundary, a private park, a multipurpose trail easement, and right-of-way for utilities and roadways. The residential lots would consist of 33 lots for single-family units and 30 lots for half-plex units.

Project Location: The proposed project is located west of State Route 89 and north of Squaw Valley Road along both the east and west sides of Creeks End Court, in Olympic Valley, Placer County. The project site is identified as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 096-230-052 and 096-230-055.

Final Environmental Impact Report (released 01/27/17)

Notice of Availability

Final Environmental Impact Report

Draft Environmental Impact Report (public review from 09/20/16 to 11/04/16)

Notice of Availability 


Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (public review from 9/2/15 to 10/1/15)

Notice of Preparation 

Initial Study Checklist